Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What the Hail - live demo of Gorilla Glass Strength

There is very little I can add to this video.  Seeing is believing.  That 1 inch ball of ice shot through an air cannon into a sheet of gorilla glass the thickness of a Ford GT windshield says it all. crack.  This was by far the best demonstration at NAIAS this week in Detroit.

Actually there's more to the Gorilla Glass from Corning than strength.  Its a weight reduction of 30% over the traditional soda lime glass used in auto manufacturing.  That weight savings adds to performance, better fuel economy, and in the case of a true sport/race car like the Ford GT it helps to lower the center of gravity.  A win on so many levels.

Right now the only automotive application for this is the windshield of the Ford GT.  They are in talks with Ford for other applications. hope and wish...headlamp covers that never break or yellow.  That would be a total win!

In the end...take that naysayers when it was announced.  If this doesn't convince you the glass is better nothing will.

Complete photos from my time at NAIAS courtesy Ford Motor Company can be found in a flickr album.