Thursday, October 30, 2014

2015 Ford Edge First Look

Why fool with success?  The changes are subtle but significant in the next generation Ford Edge going on sale as a 2015 model late first quarter of 2015 (springish).  Probably the most startling and absolutely amazing piece of design is the LED tail lamps with the light strip connecting the two.  Stunning.

This new Edge will further cement Ford as the leader in the segment.  Based on the architecture underpinning the new Fusion/Mondeo/MKZ yields a much stronger and stouter CUV that is slightly bigger and weighs a few pounds lighter than the outgoing edition.  Already Edge outsells its Nissan and Toyota competitors 3 to 1, Honda might as well throw in the towel as they are outsold SEVEN to one.

Two new trim levels have been added.  In addition to the base, SE and SEL there is now a high content luxurious Titanium model (pictured here) along with Sport that is more than a trim upgrade.

The Sport is aimed clearly at those that want real performance, not just pretty wheels and cosmetics.  It has an upgraded suspension, steering, sport seats and new for 2015 the 2.7l V6 Ecoboost.  This new engine is built from the ground up new for this year and reportedly generates 325HP and 375 ft lbs of torque.  Think that puppy will embarrass every other CUV in its class?  I do.  Not one of its competition comes close to that sort of power.

Standard power plant in the 2015 Edge is  the 2.0l Ecoboost which is capable of hauling this machine around and keeping up with traffic.  For those of you  who really prefer to have a loafing V6 with similar power they have kept their very capable and efficient 3.5L Ti-vct engine as an option.

There is a ton of new Tech available on the Ford Edge.

  1. There's an enhanced ratio steering wheel that progressively increases  turn ratio that enables better steering response and faster response.  The turn from lock to lock reduced from 2.7 turns to 2 turns.  Not much but enough to make steering in tight spaces even easier.
  2. Enhanced Park Assist.  This feature allows you to drive down a tight parking garage and find a space you can back into...and it does that backing for you.
  3. 180 Degree front camera so you can see around corners and not get your front clipped when pulling out from between two big trucks
  4. Active Cruise Control with collision warning and brake support, adjusts your speed to stay with the flow of traffic ahead of you, even will send a warning and start braking for you should cars ahead suddenly stop.

Price...its keeping the same base price as 2014 models, $28,995 for the 2015 model.  That is with a tone of added equipment like rear back up cameras added to the new standard equipment list.  Not bad Ford, Not bad at all.  The build your own feature goes live on on November 5, 2014.

Here's a short series of bullet point posters from the event highlighting key new things on the Edge.  More pics including interior on flickr.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

L.A. Auto Show is only a few weeks away...

And I've got an Earlybird code for 11/24-11/27
Its coming, the 2014 L,A, Auto Show and it promises to be even more amazing than years past.  Hard to keep beating the year before, but this one really looks to be amazing.

The last several years the show has been home of the "Green Car of the Year Award".  This would go to the single greenest car that was the pinnacle of achievement in environmental friendliness.  This year they will also award the "Green Fleet of the Year" going to the manufacture that has the cleanest and most environmentally friendly lineup across the board.  

Who "Green Fleet of the Year" award will go to is really anyones guess. Since Ford/Toyota field the greatest selection of hybrids, electrics and similar I suspect they are the front runners.  Honda has its "Earth Dreams" selection and the Honda Accord hybrid that puts it firmly in the running.  VW/Audi might be considered.  They are dabbling in hybrid but have those amazing clean diesels to bouy their green factor.  Tesla is as green they get, but its not accessible for the regular guy yet so that might boot them from contention.  Also since they don't DO autoshows, they might not be considered, gotta pay to play you know.

The Auto show has 60 reveals planned for the 2 days of Press Days.  Of them 30 will be global reveals...goes to underscore the importance L.A has taken in recent years in the entire Auto Show circuit.  I'll video a few and have them on YouTube.

Now for what you wanted.  The Auto Show runs 11/21-30/2014.  If you want to attend early and get discounted tickets for 11/24-27 use this code: AutoTrader2014 .  This offer expires 11/15/2014.