Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Concorso de Ferrari

What a most excellent car show this was.  A Ferrari for every budget.  From fixers at 40K (Yes, some were for sale) to a  $15M La Ferrari, the gamut was covered quite nicely.  Very nicely.  Not being a high volume manufacture there were an awful lot of one off models here.  All told the 140 cars here for the day covered the gamut from the curvaceous sexy 50s to the current sinister, evil, menacing La Ferrari.

Also at this show were a few other super cars, exotic and downright sexy performance sedans.  I'm talking Saleen S7, Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli and a selection of Aston Martin.

But enough of the other makes, lets focus on the main event, Ferrari.  This is a storied brand, the lustful dreams of young men and old alike.  It history on the race track was translated in to road cars for the public, or at least those in the upper incomes.  Its a brand that exudes speed, style, class, and wealth like no other.  Its pure sex appeal with 4 wheels planted firmly on the ground sweeping ess curves.
My absolute favorite car of the show, wasn't one of the super cars, but this 1952 212 Export Coupe. Right hand drive and flawlessly restored.  Not a dimple in the paint, a pit in the chrome.  The leather on the seats seductively draped, tucked and folded.  I want one just like it.  Or just a ride in it up the 1 from SaMo to Port Hueneme.  Am I asking for too much in life?
Engine where a back seat would be in any other car.  The 458 Speciale V8 screams and sings like nothing else I've ever hear before.  Trust me, I'd rather have that next to my ears than a whining toddler in a car seat kicking my seat back.  Any.  Day.
I wish I had scribbled more information on this car onto the old note pad or had the foresight to snap a pic of its information placard.  This was one of the true beauties of the show.  All curvaceous sexy curves.  Voluptuous even.  Something about the cars from the 50s and 60s that I prefer over the new models. These cars were sex on 4 wheels, something few other manufacturers have ever really duplicated.
And what's a Ferrari show without a few Dinos to illustrate what really put the brand on consumers radar in the late 60s into the early 70s.  Produced for a few short years it was the "affordable" Ferrari sub brand with potent V6 or V8 motors.  They had everything to offer in term of fun to drive spirited handling, sexy bodies of a Ferrari only no V12 or high price tag.  It was a hit for the brand.  By 1974 they decided to brand all as Ferrari and with it the demure spitfire that was Dino went with it.
1984 Ferrari launched the Testarossa..the world took notice.  Fast, incredibly fast and powerful for the era...while everyone else was mired in the the malaise era they did something about it. Made a fast, powerful car, MPG be damned, CAFE be damned car and put the world on notice that those regulations didn't mean the end to fun cars.  They sold and sold well in spite of its nearly 185K price tag and gas guzzler tax.  I think this car and its subsequent variations lit the imaginations of designers and started the super car craze that we are riding right now.  Even 30 years later this is a drop dead gorgeous automobile.  It has stood the test of time.
And I end this post with the top dog of the Ferrari line up today.  A road going super car like few others.  The La Ferrari.  Batman only wishes his car looked as evil wicked mean and nasty.

All pics and video by me.  More high res pics in my flickr album 2015 Concorso de Ferrari.

Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Fabulous Fords Forever

Every car show has its amazing autos, plebeian autos and just outright  stop you in your tracks gorgeous.  Its not always a stunning restoration or custom that gets your attention.  Sometimes its the absurd taken to the nth degree.

I call it the Mad Max Mustang at this past weekends Fabulous Fords Forever show in Buena Park CA.  Its a 1968 Mustang mated to a stretched original bronco frame.  Its gun metal grey primer.  With a Gatling gun.  Can it get any more unique and original?  Beats the Disco Pinto by a long shot.
Of course there was a lot of everything among the 1900+ Ford cars and trucks at this show for everyone.  The history of Ford from the beginning to customized 2015 Mustangs were on hand.  Henry would have been proud of his history put together in one stunning show
This handsomely restored 1973 Pinto Wagon was among many that were not at previous shows.  I chose this as my favorite of the lot as the modifications were nominal inside and out.  Interesting to see the modifications on this one time economy car.  Lots of V8's and 80s era 2.3l turbos under the hood, far more oomph that the little darling was graced with in the beginning.  Remember the 1.6l that was standard making all of 70bhp?
Wildly popular and amply represented was the original Bronco.  This was a serious off road machine that could climb rocks and mud hollers with the best Jeep could put out back in the day.  This example is such a pristine example, I'd be afraid of taking it to a mall out of fear it would get dinged and dented.  Nice truck.
There were several Edsels at the show this weekend. This by far was the most beautifully restored example.  A Pacer Convertible.  If they had left the factory in this condition back in the day...they'd still be in production today.  Not a flaw to be found in this car.
1969 Mercury Marauder X100.  This was the "it" car for me in high school.  It was Mercury Marquis in the front, shortened wheel base to the rear with a fast back roof.  Bucket seats, hidden headlamps and real factory "mag" wheels.  The crowning glory to this beast was the 429 4 barrel putting out 360hp and a boat load of torque for dramatic tire squeal launches that settled down into a dreamy, if not frightening ride when you left the straight aways and into a sharp corner.  I guess that era wasn't all that afterwards.
Lincoln was well represented as you saw in the video.  This 1940 Continental with the V12 was one of the prettiest cars at the show.  The black paint if you look closely perfectly flawless reflected everything on the horizon.  Beautiful restoration, this owner must be proud.

More pics of the 2015 Fabulous Fords Forever on flickr