Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FordPass: Changing how we mobilize

In life its better to be the disruptor instead of the disrupted.  You make good things happen that way instead of rolling with the punches.  As Apple upset the world with iPhone and iTunes, Ford looks to make the jump from auto manufacturer to one of being a company in the business of "Auto Mobility". More than just a car company.  More than just a car, but all modes of mobility we use integrated into 1 platform with an app to access it.  FordPass is just the tool to integrate your digital, brick and mortar, and personal life seamlessly and easily.

Imagine a NO cost app that let's you integrate the facets of your life in one easy format.  When the platform needs a personal human touch...FordGuides are at your beck and call to guide you to your next destination, solve a problem with mobility or just get you to the nearest 'bucks if you're in a new town.  The goal is to change the way we move like Henry Ford himself did 100 years ago with the first affordable mass produced automobile.

FordPass promises to be available to anyone, not just a car owner, not just the Ford owner, but the person on the go that needs mobility solutions beyond their private car.  Just things it can do according to Elena Ford the program lead:

  • Get you to the train on time by giving you schedules and alternative routes should your primary route be at a dead stop due to traffic
  • Get you into a rental or ride share or some other transportation substitute should your train be stalled at a station or cancelled because of who knows what sort of problem.
  • Find you a restaurant or activity in a strange city
  • Provide you with information on shared auto programs to supplement your daily mode of transportation if its disrupted.
  • Arrange parking for you near your destination, even pay for it through the app so you don't have to use your cash.  Running late?  No worries your FordGuide can extend your parking and use your payment method programmed into the app to cover your back.
  • Visit a hub and get help with technology questions or see what the latest Ford has to offer is.
  • pay your car payment, schedule service or just an appt with the dealer to chat.
  • Interact with your SyncConnect app and prestart your car to unlock it, warm it up of cool it off before you get to it.
I was blown away with this platform and app possiblities. So much so I signed up for notices when it launches in March.  I'll sign up my wife and daughter as well as the opportunities this platform and app represent will be able to impact how we get around for the better.

This week I got to spend time at NAIAS as a guest of Ford.  Yes, Guest, its a perk of being a digital influencer.  They give me the experience, I write it in my voice with my own thoughts.  The opinions here are purely mine, as if anyone could tell me what to say.

Pics from NAIAS aka the Detroit Auto Show can be found in a flickr album.