Friday, January 8, 2016

NAIAS 2016 next week in Detroit and I'll be there

Lincoln Continental Concept at Los Angeles Auto Show

Rumors abound on what will be revealed next week at press days for NAIAS aka Detroit Auto Show.  I'll summarize here a few of what I've been able to gather from official manufacturers news and snippets from reliable sources.

Lincoln.  Production ready Continental will be revealed along with details on the cars features including Black Label top of the line trim.   Expected the twin turbo 3.0V6 generating 400 horsepower to be the talk of the town.

Buick.  Envision concept is definitely to be revealed along with a hinted at Verano replacement possibly a Buickized Opel Astra hatch.

Audi.  I love my A4, its been all but confirmed next generation A4 will be revealed here.  I'll be curious to see how far upmarket they bring it and if they will have a true "M" fighter in the mix.

Acura.  I love this underdog.  Great cars, ugly grills that keep them from  hitting the mainstream luxury market hard.  It may change with the reveal of their "precise" concept with entirely new body language for the brand.

Ford.  We get to see the redesigned 2017 Fusion. What else remains to be seen.  Pure speculation, rumor mills in the tech industry swear Ford and Google went to bed together for the autonomous car so its possible it will be confirmed here since no one has denied it publicly from either camp.  That would be the coup to swipe every ones thunder this year at NAIAS like the reveal of the GT at last years show did.  Pure don't quote me.

Mercedes Benz.  Their deluxe mid-size E class is to be revealed during a press conference on Monday.

Honda.  I could snark but they are set to reveal their pickup truck based on their capable minivan.  Look for Ridgeline to be their big reveal.  Rumor has it they'll tease us further with a hot hatch turbo motorized Civic there as well.

Chrysler.  The minivan inventor promises to reveal their best minivan ever at this show.  Will it be good enough feature wise to take on the heavy hitters from Toyota/Honda and even Kia remains to be seen.  I really want them to succeed with this launch.

Watch my flickr album for blogging on the fly recap of NAIAS next week. All I shoot at the show will be uploaded Weds 1/13/16.   Stay tuned for more thorough write ups when I return.

Complete photos from my time at NAIAS courtesy Ford Motor Company can be found in a flickr album.