Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Ford Fusion SE, a silly milliliter smaller

I'll admit it, I thought it was a huge mistake dropping the 1.6L Eoboost in favor of the 1.5l Ecoboost. Yes, I understand some markets have a huge tax penalty for mills over 1.5 litres but this is 'murica fer crissakes land of displacement.  I'll take my crow and eat with relish this time around..

Turns out the 1.5 Ecoboost is putting out the same horsepower number, 177bhp as the 1.6l  And gives up a negligible 7 ft lbs of torque.  Driving it is really no substantive difference in driving the 1.5l Ecoboost compared to last years 1.6l ecoboost.  With a mill that tiny and car that big there is turbo lag from a dead stop when you punch it.  but it builds power smoothly without any drama.  I liked it.

Now for the big change from the outgoing model, this silly milliliter smaller mill actually made sense and produced an MPG number I didn't expect to see in a traditional gasser.  In my 20 mile loop of mixed freeway and congested urban, the start stop feature worked just marvy and returned an unbelievable 26.7mpg far better than I've ever achieved in a Fusion gasser with the Ecoboost mills. A win with this tiny change in displacement.

Of course the rest of the car is a very nicely screwed together car as we/ve come to expect from the Fusion.  This 2014 Fusion also has the newest version of MyFordTouch that works faster with better accuracy than the last generation