Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 Ford Focus SE two flavors with Ecoboost

Recently I got to spend a little time with the 2016 Focus SE with "automatic" coupled to Ecoboost 1l 3 cylinder motor which is a new combo for this year.  The differences aren't much between the stick and automatic though one does lose a couple mpgs to the automatic.  Not much when you're talking over 30 mpg, but noticeable on my 20 mile loop.  You can read about my impressions of the 1l Ecoboost and stick HERE from a while back.

Driving this Ecoboost is like the others carrying that badge.  Step on the go peddle and it takes off thanks to its 125 foot pounds of torque available practically off idle.  This little 3 cylinder is a torque monster and is perfectly happy in the low RPM range.  Forced to run into the upper RPM when climbing a hill or scooting down an on-ramp you do notice it runs out of steam faster than the standard 4 cylinder and is a bit coarser sounding.  Not objectionable, just noticeable, but then again the 2.0l naturally aspirated is probably the best 4 cylinder power plant Ford has ever produced.

The 2016 has a bunch of little running changes since its new for 2015 face lift and interior redesign.  Suffice it to say this 2016 SE Sedan is a handsome devil carrying with the Ford signature trapezoidal grill.

For those of you who like to row their own gears still the Ecoboost 1l is available with a 6 speed manual tranny that is just a hoot to drive.  That boosted torque right of idle keeps the car moving without a whole lot of rowing of the gears.  Unless of course if you like to imagine yourself as speed racer then all 6 speeds are a dream to snick, snick, snick through.