Monday, May 30, 2016

2017 Ford Edge Sport

Dang...this is a fun Cross Over/SUV.  Refined from the first generation this Sport has all the right stuff added in to truly make it a "sport" and not just a trim package.  Stem to stern suspension upgrade, 2.7L Ecoboost cranking out 315hp on premium fuel are just the start of what sets this apart from the Edges in the line up.

Walking up to it you notice right away this isn't a regular Edge.  There are visual cues, gone is the chrome grill replaced with one in a magnetic paint.  Gone are the regular wheels supplanted with low gloss magnetic painted 20...yes TWENTY inch wheels.

Opening the door you are welcomed to the smell of leather and alcantara trimmed seats that are heated and cooled.  The latter appreciated in this hot climate where nothing is worse than sitting on a hot seat on a hot day.  Settling in you notice a nice simply designed dash full of user programmable options in the information portion of the speedometer housing.  Center console is equally clean and houses the new Sync3 infotainment center that is so much faster and intuitive than the last version.

An interesting feature that I really like on the Edge Sport is the standard adaptive steering wheel.   The system controls the relationship between how much the driver turns the steering wheel and how much the front wheels turn. Low-speed steering – such as pulling into a parking space – requires much less turning of the wheel. On the road it doesn't seem to be any different than the traditional steering wheel, just when you a manually parking do you appreciate the reduced effort to simply turn into your space.

That 2.7; Ecoboost in the version I drove was every bit as powerful and sport as the nomenclature on the rear of the hatch implies.  Tip in the throttle and its near instant power and torque propel you forward.  Step on it a little harder and it will down shift quickly and push you into the seat back while it runs up to freeway cruising speed with the rest of the traffic.  This is the most powerful engine available in its class and it shows.

Fuel economy isn't the concern it was with regular well under $3/gallon and premium hovering around $3/gallon here in Los Angeles but that won't last forever.  Over my 20 mile loop from Carson to Signal Hill and back with a mix of fast flowing freeway, bump and go freeway and urban stop-n-go this Edge Sport returned a very respectable 21.7mpg,  This compares favorably to the EPA estimates of 17 city/24 highway which is pretty dang good for a midsized SUV with this kind of power and all wheel drive.

As with most Ford products the last few years this Edge has a decidedly premium feel to it.  A soft spoken luxury feel that makes one really appreciate the efforts the designers put into the product.  Thoughtful touches like real brushed aluminum, soft to the touch leathers where you touch, Delightfully firm yet soft to the touch knows and controls. Non-plastic looking vinyl and plastic where you aren't touching but looking.  I really like this generation Ford much so I may let into my wife's wishes and let this be what replaces our aging Focus.

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