Monday, June 6, 2016

2016 Mustang California Special for when you really want a V8

Its hard to find fault with the Mustang GT, even harder when its a convertible, impossible when its the limited edition California Special.  Yes, that storied limited edition for the 60s is back with this generation and its really sweet.  All the goodness of the GT with its own identifiers.

Starting with the grill the badging is classic mustang moved to the driver side aligned with a power bump crease and air vent on the hood.  Add in a custom half-toned black to gray stripe on the power bulge that runs the length of the hood.  Special limited edition magnetic painted alloy wheels with the CS logo to signify its unique to the California Special.  Ending on the deck lid with badging around the GT also tastefully inscribed, you go it. California Special.  Why even the badge on the dash is inscribed the same.    The differences between a GT are subtle.

Settling into the cockpit the standard leather trimmed seats are a really nice, tasteful even, charcoal black.  They are 8 way power adjustable, dare you to not find a comfortable setting.  Why, they're even heated and cooled, something not even a pipe dream in 1968 when the first California Special was offered.

Firing up the V8 you notice a sound distinct from the regular GT. I swear it sounds on idle and being run through the gears like the original 289 V8 from 1965!  Driving this car is a dream come true if you're a gear head, with a wife who isn't.  Want to firm things up and carve a canyon...use the steering and suspension controls to firm things up.  Date night with the lovely wife...soften things up to normal and just cruise on into your evening with no fuss or mus.  Regardless the setting you get that wonderful growl and snarl of a V8.  That I wouldn't change one bit.

I'd highly recommend this if you are interested in a Mustang GT and want something a little bit different that the standard fare to set yourself apart from the rest.