Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Buick LaCrosse Concept Reveal Los Angeles Auto Show

This was an interesting reveal.  Lots of bragging on the success of the car and the brand. More so its success in China and casual mention that this car is the best selling Buick in North America.

I disagree there's elements of the Avenir.  The Avenir had smaller dimensions, sharper angles and better proportions with a more formal roof line.  The LaCrosse as nice as it is to look at is curvaceous with more of a fastback roof line and a much more pronounced grill.  The cabin simply rises and falls from the hood to deck lid.  The Avenir has a more pronounced and formal cabin rising above the body.  I liked it better, not to say the LaCrosse is ugly, its not its actually the nicest looking Buick in a while.

Buick isn't messing with success on this one.  Powertrains carry over and more time was spent enlarging the cabin and giving the passengers more room.  This car falls into the large car category and it looks and feels it as you walk around and check it from all angles.

This new LaCrosse will show up in showrooms summer of 2016 as a 2017 model.