Monday, November 30, 2015

Lincoln MKZ Concept Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

Lincoln was the big surprise at the Los Angeles Auto Show...the video explains it all.  I have to give Lincoln a nod for the bold directions they have taken in the last year.  With the Detroit launch of MKX, New York for the Continental Concept and now us with the MKZ they have mapped out a path clearly stating what they are doing.  They call it quiet luxury, I call it a huge step forward to differentiate themselves for the Ford family with which they share a few platforms.  Unlike Caddy that slowly evolved into the powerhouse they are today, Lincoln isn't taking the slow ramp but diving into the production of true luxury vehicles without chasing anyone in particular,  They will be the classic American luxury car with all the tech and what they call "Quiet Luxury" that buyer wants.

The MKZ really is changed in profile from the current model though it shares many of the same parts.  The decklid has a bigger more pronounced spoiler.  The entire front clip is new, slightly higher and with the "new face of Lincoln" introduced on the Continental Concept.  Gone is the split wing design they've toyed with and replacing it is a classic shaped grill inlet with the new cover. A big departure and very elegant.

The really big news is the addition of what they call "Smart All Wheel Drive" that adapts to driving style.  This is coupled with a new and unique to Lincoln 3.0l twin turbo V6 putting out 400 horsepower and 400 ft lbs of torque. This single change elevates the MKZ over its similar flatform mate at Ford and makes it contender in the Mid-sized Luxury segment in my not so humble opinion

Technology abounds in this car as they explain in the video.  Some unique to Lincoln, some common to all of Fords products such as Sync 3 customized for Lincoln.  Too bad the voice will be the anonymous female, if they swapped it to Matthew McConaughey they'd sell tons more...or so says my wife who says she'd buy Lincoln over the other choices if that option existed.

This model will go on sale summer 2016 as a 2017 model according to a Lincoln rep I spoke with at the L.A. Auto Show last week.