Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ford Reveals the New 2017 Escape with Guillermo

Ford had an unusual reveal for the Ford Escape at this years Los Angeles Auto Show.  Instead of some drama and pulling off the curtain it was a YouTube video from the night priors reveal on national TV.  Different and not what anyone was expecting for a press conference reveal that is full of razzle dazzle and screeching tires drifting as in years past.

What we do know is the 2017 Escape going on sale this coming spring is significantly different than the model currently on sale.  The roof appears to be the only body panel left untouched.  The entire front clip is new, higher in the front with a larger more upright version of the trapezoidal face that is Ford these days.  Rear end is changed and more in line with the rest of Fords SUV's.  It looks like a mini-Explorer and thats a good thing.  Hondas CRV needs to be very worried.

Tons more technology added to the mini-SUV than the current iteration of Escape.  Adaptive Cruise control, lane keeping assist, and forward crash alert to name a few are added.  Also this generation has rolled in Sync3 and the MyFord app for apple and android that allows you to remotely control the car and do stuff with it while not in the car.  Nice.

Powertrains are changed up some too.  The 1.6L ecoboost is replaced with the 1.5l ecoboost with stop/start technology that will add a few extra MPG in city driving in temperate climates.  The 2.5l Ford remains standard in the Escape S and the 2.0L ecoboost remains for the SEL and Titanium editions of the Escape.

Video courtesy Ford and on YouTube.  Pics by me.  More pics from the Los Angeles Auto Show in a Flickr Album