Saturday, November 28, 2015

2016 Ford Focus Electric and MyFord App

Its no secret I'm a huge fan of the Focus Electric, its been a while since I sat in one and reviewed it.   Not much has changes since I last reviewed it here.  It's still a silent cruiser, thoroughly enjoying and completely adept at what it needs to do for you.  Certainly better creature comforts and build quality than its immediate competition, I like to think of it as the Tesla of small EV's...but I need to get back on track.

Technical upgrades this year come in the form of the MyFord app available for iPhone and Android users.  As the video explains there is little information you can get from the app.  Charge level, distance to next charging station, time to full recharge you name it its pretty much there.  You can even remote start and set temp to heat or cool too...a huge plus here in the Southwest where its beastly hot 6 months of the year.

The MyFord app is also being launched in the next generation Ford Escape launching next summer as a 2017 model.  Take that CRV.

A quick drive in the car in and around the Los Angeles Convention Center reminded me how much I like this little car.  Quick to blend with traffic, nary a road noise in the cabin, comfy seats with a decidedly upscale feel to everything inside.  Sync with MyFordTouch and navvy,  What's not to like?  Even the 80ish mile range isn't an issue as I rarely drive that much in a week for my basic running.  I'd still have the Milan or Audi for road tripping.

Since I last reviewed the Focus EV one thing big has happened.  Enough that I'd consider it for my second car.  A price drop.  Starting retail is 27,829 over 10K cheaper than when it launched.  Add in the current Friends and family pricing and the 7.5K federal tax credit the car is a respectable 21,204.  Now here's where things get really interesting...add 1.5K State tax credit on the Focus EV and the effective starting price is suddenly a very attractive 19,704...why they're practically paying you to by the car.  Taking it easy on the options page and adding in leather seating the price came to 22,143.  I can almost justify trading my 2013 gasser and paying the 10K upgrade costs to bring power to my garage for the home charger.  Take that and smoke it Rowan and Martin.