Thursday, January 15, 2015

North American Car of the Year and Truck of the Year announced

North American Auto Show kicks off its Press Days with this Award

Yes, its a big deal.  The Automotive Press as a group vote on the candidates and that is how this award is given  North American Car of the Year, North American Truck of the Year awards carry much more weight than those awards given by individual media outlets.  Its collaborative, it doesn't involve just one outlets views or voice.

Volkswagen's GTI was the Winner of the North American Car of the Year.  No surprise, contrary to the popular belief 'muricans don't like hatchbacks.  We do, especially hot hatches that act and perform as leaders of the pack on the freeway or carving up a canyon, not some slouch poor excuse of a station wagon.  GTI does that, and does it very well at a price we can afford.  Nice job VW.  More pics of the GTI at the end of the article.

Truck of the Year was no surprise to me.  I recently reviewed it and was amazed on its refinement, almost luxury car build and feel than a truck.  Yes, its the Ford F-150.  Congrats Ford, you earned this one.  Innovation that works always is a winner.

Special thanks to my friend and CEO of 8 Asians, Joz, who provided me with the video clip of the F-150 being named North American Truck of the Year.  She was able to attend that ceremony as I was occupied elsewhere with my hosts for the event.

More pics of the NAIAS can be found in my flickr album.