Friday, January 23, 2015

2016 Acura NSX Revealed at NAIAS

Acura's next NSX is the halo car the division needs to put it back on the map as a technology driven luxury brand.  Will it deliver they way the original did some 20 years ago?  Likely as its got the goods and good looks to pull it off.

I saw it first at the 2012 NAIAS and was completely blown away.  3 years later its ready for production and the real deal stacks very favorably with the concept.

But don't take my word for it compare the original reveal video with the new car.

Some of the key features of the car are as follows:

  • Sport hybrid technology -Twin turbocharged 3.5L V6 coupled with hybrid electric motors producing 550+ horsepower
  • Twin electric motors in front provide instantaneous torque delivery and dynamic torque vectoring. These three-motors, one aft and two in front, comprise the Sport Hybrid system.
  • aluminum space frame, suspension and strategically placed high strength steel and carbon fiber
  • "human support cockpit" a first ever for super cars that are designed to fit the driver like a glove for ultimate driving performance
  • combination of its lightweight chassis and low-mounted Sport Hybrid power unit, give the NSX the lowest center of gravity in its class. They call it the  Advanced Sports Package designed to deliver ultimate handling
  • all-new 9-speed dual clutch transmission of our own design, housing an electric motor that helps directly drive the rear wheels
  • Acura's Integrated Dynamics System, supports performance at the will of the driver in every driving situation. Four modes, Quiet, Sport, Sport-Plus, and Track
Yes, there were subtle changes from the original concept.  Its still a low slung beauty but it picked up bulges here and there to accept the twin turbo V6, comply with EU pedestrian impact standards, our archaic lighting system requirements.  In the end its still a marvel of modern technology and one sexy beast.  Nicely played Acura, nicely played.

The car at NAIAS was locked so you couldn't get in to take pictures and I just don't have the juice to get them to open it up for me.  I'll have to take their word for it that the seats are the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics.  The two following pics of the interior and cockpit is courtesy Acura's press kit and used with their permission.

The opening video is courtesy my friend Tyson Hugie who was able to get the reveal captured as well as a glimpse of Jerry Seinfeld.  You can follow Tyson on his YouTube channel as well as his blog documenting his over 500,000 mile Acura Legend, Drive to Five.

I have additional photos of the NSX in higher resolution as well as a host of other cars at NAIAS in my flickr album.