Thursday, May 1, 2014

PCH aka CA Highway of the best roads

I love this stretch of road.  I highly recommend it over the 101 or the 5 to the Bay Area.  Scenic as hell. Full of twisties to keep it exciting.  Detour and do Hearsts Castle in San Simeon.  A few miles further up the road are protected coves full of California Sea Lions that you can watch with their pups.  A few miles further up is the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse.  All gorgeous places to stop and take pictures.

I did it first in 1989 on my honeymoon with my lovely wife.  I've since gone back and done it a few more times.  The pace is more relaxed.  There is infinitely more more to see and do than the trip up the major freeways.  Added boner is you get to skip the gawd awful odors of Harris Ranch in Coalinga.