Monday, April 28, 2014

29th Fabulous Fords Forever

April 29, 2014 was the day, the biggest single manufacturer Auto Show in SoCal.  The Fabulous Fords Forever show and it didn't disappoint.  Over 1000 Mustangs crowded the main viewing area off La Palma in Buena Park.  Nearly that many other Ford, Mercury, Edsel, Lincoln and Thunderbird on the viewing area off of Stanton.  Thats a lot of cars in various states of found to restored to customized to soak in on one visit.

A few of my favorites, for reasons you may or may not ever guess.
The AC Cobra, what a car this was.  Meant to offset the roadsters the Brits were dumping on us in the 60's.  With its light weight and massive Ford 427 Cobra under the hood, it embarrased them and its other contemporary the Corvette.  Still a popular car at shows and among collectors.  This pristine example according to the owner had nearly70K pumped into the restoration.
This "Mercury" custom is anything but a Mercury as its cobbled from a variety old cars, 48-50 Mercury, 49-51 Ford, with bits from Town Car, Mercury Marauder, Mustang, Thunderbird, and Cougar all built on top of the chassis of a Lincoln Mark VIII.  At least they kept it all in the Ford Family.  Oddly it sorta works on a few different levels.
1974 Mustang II.  Every car has a story and this one is no exception.  This un restored, unmolested original with a 2.8l V6 stole my heart.  The current owner fell in love with it when he was 16 but lacked the funds to buy it in total.  His Dad stepped in and fronted the balance and bought it new off a lot in Hawaii.  He worked off the balance and Title reverted to him a few years later.  It served as a daily driver for him until 1999.  He drove the car up from San Diego for the show.  Not perfect, certainly a terrrific example of the car that kept the Mustang alive during the gas crisis of the disco era.
The Ford Consul Corsair.  This gem was imported from the UK back in the 60's.  It is a very rare 2 door, that if you believe the wiki was pretty much reserved for the export market, which would explain its steering wheel on the right side of the car.  This gem was driven by the owner all the way from Louisiana just for the show.
1970 Thunderbird Landau.  What a massive beast this is.  I love it.  From the jet fighter inspired front end protrusion to the nouveay riche interior it has it all.   Nearly bought one, used of course, when I was shopping around for my first car all thoes years ago.  (I turned down the one I drove as it had a funny knock at idle). What a car that would have been, but totally inappropriate for a struggling college student.
What a Pinto??? Yes, and this 1977 reminded me of my own '77 that actually got me through college. Cheap to keep, frugal on gas and ran forever.  127K on the clock when I traded it in '85 and it was running strong.

All pics by me, tons more images in my flickr album "29th Fabulous Fords Forever:"