Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fast cars on a track...everyone welcome this weekend

Its the Ford Ecoboost Challenge at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia
Don't miss this one. Its where Ford shows its moxy and puts its car against the class leaders for you to compare on a closed circuit track.  None of that mamby pamby wussy dealer rep with you as you drive around the block on a test drive.  Its real cars on a closed circuit obstacle course where you get to do the things you've always wanted to do.  Drive fast and accurate and really compare cars.  Being on a closed circuit your safety is way up and you still can see how well they brake, accelerate, steer, ride and a host of other factors.  It shows that Ford has the chutzpah to put their cars up to a challenge.  No fear. No Pain, just fun in great cars.

The best part for me without a doubt ALWAYS is the ST Performance Academy.  You get a short introduction on the course from a professional driver that includes tips on how to go your absolute fastest in the timed parts.  Everyone is a winner just because you get to drive a fast car how it was meant to be, not stuck in bump and grind traffic.

Attending is easy.  Simply sign up for a drive time on the Ecoboost Drive 2015 web site.  Show up on Saturday March 14 with your drivers license and you are good to go.

Also...bring your sunblock as its going to be a clear, hot sunny 90+ day here in the SGV.

Deets: Ecoboost Drive 2015 Santa Anita Race Park, Arcadia CA.  MAP HERE