Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Concorso Ferarri in Old Town Pasadena

What an awesome show this was today...but then again one can throw superlatives all day at cars as incredible as the Ferrari.  This years show had increased considerably over the year much so they had to move on down and over further east on Old Town Pasadena's famed Colorado Blvd.  How much of an increase?  76 cars were put of for judging and another 140 showed up for the show for display purposes by individual owners.  Roll in the restorers, lessors and others and there were easily 200+ cars here today.

To pick a favorite is a bit impossible.  I've always been enamored with the Enzo, a beast capable of 211mph that is sheer sexy on wheels.  They had  one similar to THE ONE split in half by a knucklehead who underestimated its abilities and was saddled with shady/questionable import history with the help of an equally unusual small security company in the SGV.  Once that scandal ridden accident and news rumor mongering died down it was restored.  Beautifully.  Sadly it remains in the EU.

After that its hard to pick among the numeric alphabetic soup that is the story of Ferrari in racing and road cars here in the U.S.  After the jump you can see a few of my favorites of the day.

Of course the Ferrari Club of America can't get this show done without the help of Sponsors and co-branding with the likes of the Blackhawk Museums that are associated with the Smithsonian.  This show draws easily 10,000 fans to view the cars and enjoy Old Town Pasadena.  

Video and pics by me.  More pics of the day in my flickr album.