Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Ford Expedition Limited now with Ecoboost

I tried so hard to love this SUV. For a car guy like me it has a lot going on to love.  Starting with the new for this year Ecoboost 3.5l V6.  Those twin turbos give that beast life it never knew possible.  This thing has CHUTZPAH like I never dreamed possible in a full size SUV.

Add in the 6 speed automatic and this beasty is really fun to drive and easyish on gas compared to its V8 brethren if you keep your foot out of the gas.  In a rather spirited 20 mile loop including a steep hill climb, urban bump and go and zippy urban freeway I averaged middling 15.2MPG.  Given its size not that bad, given that its EPA ratings are 15 City/20 highway/17 combined I did expect a bit better.

Where you sit in the new limited...a lovely leather throne you can't help but love this vehicle.  Where it falls short is the lack of even faux wood, brushed aluminum or any other lux details you expect from an SUV starting at 54K and optioned up to nearly 60K.  The hard plastics on the doors and dash wreak utilitarian hose it off rather than a luxury vehicle.  Sad really as those touches just aren't what we've come to expect from Ford of late.  Even the lowly Focus is detailed better in terms of luxury appointments, premium feel at half the price.  I understand this is a stop gap edition and an all new for 2016 is coming that will address these short comings and be on part with expectations and the rest of the fleet.

But enough of the niggles...this truck has some outstanding features.  The latest iteration comes with forward and rear sensors to protect bumping objects as you park, power liftgate, and heated/cooled power seats.  All nice touches and expected at this price point.

The iteration I drove also had Ford's most current Sync MyFord package and it worked like a charm.  Voice commands for everything and ample dummy switches for those that prefer that option than a slick working touch screen.

Really nifty touch too is the automatic running boards that deploy when you unlock the doors from the key fob or put the truck into park after driving.  A nice way to get in and out without mucking up your pant legs.

At the end of the day, this may not have the premium feel of other Ford products of late, but the refinement and power of its 2015 updated engine/tranny combo more than makes up for the shortcomings.  Nice SUV, certainly the most technologically advanced out there for the money.