Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whats an RS and why should we care?

RS.  As in Focus RS, the Focus that embarasses the already uber competant Focus ST.  This iteration of the hot hatch has been in tthe EU for a while.  Ford announced today the car is going global and we here in the States, especially SoCal will love this car.

Imagine sport tuned ralley suspension, all wheel drive and a 2.3l Ecoboost 4cyl reported pumping out a rumored 320-350 hp!  Thats an easy 50-75 hp bump over the ST and with all wheel drive to put all that power down handling and speed will be unbeatable.  What, is the Suby WRX looking nervous in its rear view mirror?  It should be.

Actually from what I've read RS is part of a bigger Ford Performance Division that will encompass not only RS, but SVT, ST, Raptor and Racing under one umbrella.  Image the outcome with all those resources combined.

Sidebar and rumor mill.  Detroit's NAIAS is coming in about 3 1/2 weeks.  I plan on being there.  Quite a few cars are due to be unveiled there.  Ford, from sources I've read is going to reveal 3 cars, a new GT, Mustang GT350r and the Focus RS.  That should be quite a show at Cabo Center.  Count on me being there and videoing it all crudely with a flipcam.