Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fresh host, new attitude

I ended my relationship with GoDaddy after some huge cost increases.  Killed off the original domain simply because the costs of doing business as blogger about cars and request to sell out as a "lifestyle blogger" to get access to cars from one of the biggest manufacturers I was working with just wasn't gonna happen.

In a short 3 year span we had over a million visits.  Nothing to sneeze at.  Cross links and referrals.  It was fun, but it was getting expensive to maintain.

After much internal debate, I've decided to resurrect the blog, maybe even re-post some of my biggest hits if I can figure out how to do it from saved html coding.  Short version is I love photoing, driving and just enjoying cars.  This newest iteration won't cost me a dime and I won't join a pay-to-play ranking site either.  I'll use my stats here as a guide post and talking point to get access to cars and stuff.  Its an avocation, a glorified hobby if you wish...not a job and certainly not answerable to anyone.

Let the adventures resume...